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Natural Sunlight Inside Your Home or Office

Revolutionary Solatube Skylights

Creative tubular daylighting

Enjoy the sun's rays deep inside your home or office with revolutionary Solatube technology from AAA Building Components Inc. These skylights have brilliant aesthetic appeal, and they reduce eyestrain and increase productivity by providing natural light.


Since they use the light of the sun, they lessen your need for electrical lights. You can cut your utility bills and fill your residential or commercial building with natural light, all at the same time. Contact us to find out how to have Solatube skylights installed in your building.

Solatube leads the daylighting industry with its tubular daylighting devices (TDDs). With these innovative optical devices, you can collect the sun's natural light outside and direct it into practically any interior space.


Let us help you fill your home or business with energy-efficient, eco-friendly Solatube systems. You'll get the benefits of sunlight without the glare, infrared heat, and ultraviolet rays that fade your furniture.


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